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Thursday, August 2nd 2012

3:35 PM

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Related article: lives. All the unconscious boys' conditions were now stable; it was almost certain that they would make a full recovery; their bodies were simply repairing themselves, and this unconsciousness was simply the best way to do it. But it had been a close thing, and it was nonetheless stressful for the families, sitting by and able to do nothing but pray and wait for their sons to wake up. John sat in a horrible plastic armchair by the side of Chris, and held his hand, saying the rosary, as the boy lay quietly. As he was on his own, reluctant to leave Chris in case he woke up, one or other of the parents in the room would bring him food, or cups of coffee. He smiled wanly at them, grateful for their kindness. `You must be Chris's big brother' said Jon's mother. `Well, sort of' he said. `Sort of? You're the spitting image of each other' This had never struck John before, but now that she mentioned it, looking down at the sleeping boy, he could see a strong resemblance. No doubt it was because Chris had modelled everything on his hero, his hair, his build, but still, it was uncanny. He even had the same eyebrows and chin young children insest as his own father had had. Only the hair colour differed; John's was an Irish mid-brown, and Chris young fucking links had his mother's light brown hair. Mrs Wilkes went on `I wish my sons got on as well together as you obviously do with Chris.' `I suppose we are pretty close. The rest of his family don't want to know him, so I'm all he's got, verry young galleries really.' That's terrible!' `Pretty terrible, yeah. But life has been getting better for us both, I think, since he came to live with me.' `Oh, that's really sweet! Bless you.' And the woman went back to her own son. About two o'clock, Pat came in. He tried the confidence trick, and the nurses made no objection. `I've had a bit of sleep, John. Now you sleep. I'll sit up with Chris.' John was determined to stay awake, but the strong and confident presence of Pat reassured him as it always had, and within minutes he had drifted off. In the morning, John needed to speak with Tony, so he rang him as soon as was civilized. Tony, just getting up, was shocked to hear what had happened, but was very reassuring, and deeply regretful that he was utterly unable to come to Chris himself. John told him what Jon's mother had said about his likeness to Chris. Tony snorted: `What young boys pics have I always said about you being so unobservant? Chris looks just like you; his appearence, dress, build, mannerisms, the lot. If it wasn't that you were only four or five when he was born, I'd swear you were his father. Of course, it's only obvious since he lost weight, and he's only lost weight since he's known you, so I suppose he's just modelling himself closely on you. Is there any chance that you could be related?' `That would make me a relative of Linda! Thanks a bunch, pal!' That afternoon, there were some visitors. The Headmaster came to pay his respects to the parents, and to introduce them to Justin and Tom. The two lads were very embarrassed, and, bright red, tried to fend off the compliments that the headmaster paid them in front of the parents. But the parents would photography young nudist have none of it. Justin and Tom were kissed and hugged and thanked again and again with tears. John hung back, and when he had a chance with them alone, he hugged each of them and said quietly in very youngnude their ears `If Chris had died, I think I would have wanted to die, too. You have saved more than his life; you have saved mine. I am eternally in your debt. I want you to know that I'm not short of money, and I will do anything you ask of me, anything at all. I can never thank you enough.' He pushed banknotes into the breast pockets of their uniform jackets; he must have given them several hundred pounds each. He said out loud `This isn't because I think this is what Chris young celebs is worth; but it's the only way I can show you my gratitude right now. If I didn't think it would embarrass the hell out of you both, I would kiss your feet. Your bravery and resourcefulness were truly outstanding. If I ever have sons like you, I would be so very, very proud.' And all the parents applauded. They then took John's lead and soon, over their protests, both the boys' pockets were filled with cash. Pat leant over to John and whispered in his ear `That was well done, son. You young teen bumbs really have grown up, and I'm proud of you.' Justin, red once more, said in a gruff voice; `Look, thanks very much indeed. We really appreciate this, but I don't see that we did anything very special. It's very youngnude nothing that these guys wouldn't have done for us if our positions were reversed.' Which modest speech endeared the boys to all present. Justin came over to speak with John and to see how Chris was doing. `Look, Mr Sanders......' `My name isn't Sanders, it's Scott, Justin. Call me John, though, please. You've earned it if anyone has.' Okay, thanks, er... John. Look, in a way, this has given me a chance to right a wrong. I want to tell you about it, because I've felt so guilty. I've always liked Sanders... young fucking links er, Chris, and thought that he battled really bravely with everything that he used to suffer. We all knew how horrible his mother is... Oh God, sorry, I suppose she's your mother too! O God, that's really embarrassing. I'm so sorry... `No, don't worry, she's not my mother. Chris and I are not actually related, though I'm discovering today for the first time that we look as if we are. And you're right. His mother is a real bitch of the first water! She didn't even care about this!' `Okay, thanks. Well, he battled so bravely against everything, and I thought that if he could only lose his weight, he'd be so much happier. So I used to really push him hard, trying to make him lose the weight, but I think I pushed him too hard, and made him hate me. I think he thought that I hated him, and was doing it for that reason. But I swear that that was never the issue. I have really appreciated this chance to make it up to him...' Justin went on, in a lower voice, `...and to know that you succeeded where I failed. You must be one hell of a guy, John, to manage that. I may have saved Chris from dying, but you saved him from a fate worse than death, you saved him from a life of living misery. And that really takes something.' John was very moved. He scribbled on a piece of younger nudes thumnails paper Members young cuties for a minute. Justin; here's my email address, my home address and my private telephone number. Don't forget; I meant what I said. You can always call on me, and if I can move heaven and earth for you, I will not fail to do so. Give Tom this information, and say the same to him, please. And I will square everything with Chris when he wakes. I'll make sure he knows exactly what you've done, and how you feel.' All four invalids were conscious about forty eight hours later; Chris and Tim, having been more seriously in trouble, woke some twelve hours after the other two, which was an added worry for John and young children insest for Tim's parents. Chris woke slowly, wondering where he was, and why he had a tube stuck in his wrist. He gingerly sat up--ow, not a good idea--and looked around him. Hospital, obviously. And there, sitting in a chair by his bed, was a stranger--it was Pat--who looked at him and said `Morning, soldier.' Soldier? It was John's word, but it wasn't John speaking. Chris lay back to rest his thumping head. Explanations could wait until later. He slept again. When he woke, it really was John by his side, holding his hand. The four invalid boys were together in one room, and as they slowly came
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Thursday, August 2nd 2012

12:00 AM

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